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                                      WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME IN THE MORNING (2004)

                                              Written By Brian Clemens Ent. Ltd and Dennis Spooner
                                                                          Directed By Narelle Jones

Jeremy and Celia return a week early from their successful honeymoon to find that both Jeremy's parents have accepted his offer to stay in the house while he is away. The only problem is that they have each brought the other's wives with them. Jeremy discovers one illicit couple, Celia the other. Both issue invitations to them for dinner. Complications pile up thick and fast as, realizing their dilemma and desperate to make a good impression on Jeremy's colleagues, the couple stages two dinner parties simultaneously, one on the patio and one in the dining room. As if there ain't problems enough, Sid the plummer, up to his eyeballs in water in the cellar, has to call in the Water Board Emergency Service just when all seems resolved and Jeremy and Celia are attempting to salvage their lost honeymoon.



Jeremy Winthrop

Celia Winthrop

Humphrey Jessel

Sara Ward

Peregrine Ward

Thelma Jessel

Sadie Clancy



Production Manager

Stage Manager

Backstage Crew

Lighting Designer

Lighting Rigging


Sound Effects


Set Design / Construction

Scenic Work


Front of House Manager

Booking Officer


Michael Veltman

Clare Kelly

Geoff Kirkland

Julie Quinn

Stephen Lee

Elizabeth Barber

Maggie Smith

Narelle Jones

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Kate Jackson

Lindsay Hinksman

Wade Schiell

Alisha Thompson

Toni Proctor

Wade Shiell

Simon Ankor

Rosanna Protor

Robert Reekie

Claire Kelly

Julie Quinn

Laurence Bird, Robert Wiese

Lindsay Hinksman

Stephen Lee, Robert Wiese

Carole Wiese

Robert Wiese

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