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History of Noarlunga Theatre Company Inc.

Noarlunga Theatre Company was formed in 1994 as a community based writers' theatre. Its first president was Mos Day, who is now a life member of the company. Our first production was called 'All is Not What it Appears to Be', which was a collection of one-act plays, two of which were written by the company's resident playwright, Rosemary Pou (who was to become the company's second president, in 1995).

The aims of the company were (and still are) to provide the community with opportunities to learn or enhance their theatre skills, to encourage people to bring their skills to the theatre, and to promote theatre related activities.

In the years since its inception, the company has produced plays every year, and been involved with theatrical festivals. Our productions have included a wide range of locally written works, and international and Australian plays, musicals, farces, comedies, dramas, and variety shows.


All is Not What it Appears to Be - three one-act plays, with musical interludes by local group 'Monkey Business'.

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