1st Production

This clever original comedy/musical takes pride in stealing everything from the great one-liners of “The Pink Panther” to the necklace known as “The Darjeeling Diamond”.

You are invited to this classic “Who Dun It” Mystery Play. Set in the last century at the annual gathering of guests to pay homage to the decorated life of Lord Archibald Carbuncle at the family Manor, complete with a ghostly family dog called Barnabus.

So join the cash-poor, asset-rich widow Lady Carbuncle who has her priceless necklace stolen while entertaining visitors in Carbuncle Manor (you are the visitors too). Bumbling “Chief Inspector Detective Cluedo” arrives at the Manor house to solve the crime.

With a hotchpotch of other characters including Crystal (the mysterious companion of Lady Carbuncle), Rupert (the Butler), Ruby (the Maid), Diamond Solitaire (a Movie Star), Father Rick O’Shea (an Irish Priest), and of course, Lady Carbuncle herself.

All play out the scenes with the audience to find out who is the real culprit and solve the crime of …. “The Curse of The Darjeeling Diamond”.

There is a barrel of laughs, action and hilarity for all while the audience get involved to relish in the last moment when all is revealed and Cluedo finally solves the case!...........(or does he?).

2nd Production