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                                                THE LEGEND OF NED KELLY (2016)
                                       Joint Production Noarlunga Theatre Company and Upstage Theatre
                                                                   Written By Deirdre Quinn
                                                                   Directed By John Martin

Was the cry of the infamous Kelly Gang, which struck terror into the hearts of the wealthy land owners and bankers in 1880? But beyond the tough exterior, was a gang of 4 young free-settlers who considered themselves downtrodden and were tired of the constant harassment of the Troopers and the Traps. 
Their leader was a man with piercing eyes and a bold heart who wrote himself into Australian Folklore when he donned a suit of Armour and stood his ground against overwhelming odds in a place called Glenrowan.

Beyond the Armour, behind the eyes was a man ruthless and gentle, rugged and kind - The Infamous Outlaw Ned Kelly. Both revered and reviled throughout the ages Ned Kelly was an Irish-Australian battler, come bushranger, fiercely independent and pushed into action by the repressive colonial authorities of the time.

This interpretation of The Kelly Gangs last days, leading up to the fateful day of the shootout at the Glenrowan Inn, which culminated with the arrest of Ned Kelly to face his fate with the hangman's noose.




Ned Kelly

Joe Byrne

Dan Kelly

Steve Hart

Ellen Kelly / Annie Jones

Maggie Kelly

Kate Kelly

Gracie Kelly

Mrs Reardon / Narrator

Sir Edmond Barry / Captain Fred Standish

Alex Fitzpatrick / Superintendent Francis Hare

William Gauson / Sergeant Kennedy



Written and Complied

Musical Director


Stage Manager


Lighting and Sound Operator

Costumes and Wigs


Armour and Replica Guns

Scenic Artist

Poster Design

Programme Design (NTC)

Front of House Manager


Paul McLean

Tim Victory

Aden Quinn

Brady Gambling

Deirdre Quinn

Kirsty Battersby

Samara Jaensh

Adele Victory

Sue Oldknow

Paul Trueack

Stephen Popowski

John Martin

John Martin

Deirdre Quinn

Tony Sutton

Sue Oldknow

Annette McLean

Caetlyn McLean

Mon Cochrane

Violet Rowe

Violet Rowe

Brady Gambling

Ray Gambling

Kim McDaid

Caetlyn McLean

Myles Leon

Ray Gambling

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