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                                                       NO SEX PLEASE WE'RE BRITISH (2016)
                                                                  Written By Anthony Marriott & Alistair Foot
                                                                             Directed By Linda Lawson

Peter and Frances Howard, just married, young and attractive, the former with a good job in a bank, with a nice flat above it, could reasonably expect to look forward to a calm, peaceful, happy start to their life together. Owing to an unfortunate mistake by Frances, they find themselves inundated with pornographic material from the “Scandinavian Import Co”,first dirty postcards, then films and books etc.


Peter’s elegant, snobbish mother Eleanor, and prim respectable cashier of Peter’s bank, Brian, all become inextricably entangled in the events that follow, brought to a head by the arrival of two very pretty girls from the same company, to provide their “special services”.



Peter Hunter

Francis Hunter

Eleanor Hunter

Brian Runnicles

Leslie Bromhead

Superintendant Paul

Mr Needam



Delivery Man



Production Manager

Stage Manager

Sound Designer

Sound Operator


Set Designer

Set Construction


Backstage Crew

Front of House Mangers

Poster Design

Programme Design



Andrew Smith

Rebekah King

Bronwyn Calvett

Max Rayner

Stephen Popowski

Grant Blackwood

Jeff Penter

Jessica McGaffin

Kirsty Lawson

Stephen Popowski

Linda Lawson

Myles Leon

Myles Leon

Myles Leon

Daniel King

Vi Rowe

Alexandra Jones

Cherylene O'Brien

Myles Leon

Linda Lawson, Kirsty Lawson, Rebekah King,

Daniel King, Jeff Penter, Grant Blackwood

Vi Rowe

Manuela Steer, Wendy Williams, Genna Hudson

Tania Corr

Linda Lawson

Myles Leon

Myles Leon

Myles Leon 

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