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                                                                     DAD'S ARMY (2013)

                                                                    Written By Jimmy Perry & David Croft
                                                                           Directed By Brady Gambling


This classic BBC TV comedy series of the Home Guard Walmington-on-Sea who battles daily against the Germans and local WP Warden Hodges, come on stage complete with all the well-loved characters: "stupid boy" Pike, "Don't panic, don't panic" Jonesey, "Doomed, we're doomed!" Fraser, "May I be excused sir?" Godfrey, and all under the command of the redoutable Captain Mainwaring and his effacing deputy Sergeant Wilson.


Captain Mainwarting

Sergeant Wilson

Lance Corporate Jones

Private Frazier

Private Godfrey

Private Pike

Private Walker

ARF Warden Hodges


U-Boat Captain

Mr Gordon

Mr Yeatman

Mrs Fox / Mrs Gray

Ivy Samways / Waitress

Edith Parish

Mrs Pike

Miss Ironside


Bathering Girls



Production Manager

Stage Manager

Set Design

Props Co-ordinators

Lighting Designer

Lighting Operator

Sound Designer

Sound Operator

Props (Guns)

Costume Co-ordinator

Backstage Crew



Booking Officer

Poster Design


Programme Design

Front of House Manager

Stephen Popowski

John Ostendorf

Clint Mullins

Archie Barnes

Ken Callis

Ken Nixon

Jake Johnson

Bianca Payne

Myles Leon

Toni Charlton

Myles Leon

William Jones

Linda Lawson

Toni Charlton

Bianca Payne

Clare Kelly

Patricia Pennington

Charles Burke, Scott Pelentsov, Patricia Pennington,

Casey Tanner, Sue Whittaker

Toni Charlton, Patricia Pennington, Casey Tanner, Sue Whittaker

Brady Gambling

Clare Kelly

Joy Whellum

Brady Gambling

Allie Beck, Ann Kwok

Myles Leon

Mon Cochrane

Myles Leon

Stuart Pringle

Ray Gambling

Clare Kelly

Charles Burke, David Cuppleditch, Patricia Pennington,

Midge Reece, Allan Whellum, Sue Whittaker

Casey Tanner

Stephen Lee

Tania Corr

Brady Gambling

Ollie Delvecchio, Linda Edwards

Myles Leon

Peter Jackson

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