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                                     THEY CAME FROM MARS AND LANDED OUTSIDE
                                                           FARNDALE CHURCH (1999)
                                                     Written By David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr
                                                                       Directed By Michael Veltman


The Farndale Avenue ladies attempt to lift off with their Dramatic Society's unique production of a sci-fi thriller.
Needless to say, high tech effects going awry are the limited talents of some group members ensure that the cast remains firmly on the ground some more than others. As ever, the resourceful Mrs Reece brilliantly circumnavigates pifalls as she steers the company into orbit and through space to genteel tea on Mars, where the nail biting action is interrupted to present the Flower Arranging Award. The tear jerking culmination has hysterical audiences on the edge of their seats.






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