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                                                   THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE  (2010)

                                                                          Written By Jay Presson Allen
                                                              Adapted from the Novel by Muriel Spark
                                                                           Directed By Linda Edwards

Miss Brodie is a teacher, a formidable figure who molds young minds to her form. And what is more, she is so
intensely interesting that the girls admire her above all else. But Miss Brodie is not honest. She prevaricates and then tells the girls to do as she tells them, not as she does herself. She is having an affair with the music teacher and has had one with the art teacher, and this is not the most exemplary conduct.

A fantastic letter which some of her students write in her name to her lover falls into the headmistress' hands.
Dismissal is averted by Miss Brodie's indomitable pluck as she threatens to sue for libel. One girl grows too wise too soon and turns on Miss Brodie



Sister Helena

Mr Perry

Miss Jean Brodie




Mary McGregor


Miss McKay

Teddy Lloyd

Girls / Girl Guides

Gordon Lowther


Miss Campbell




Assistant Director

Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager

Props Co-ordinator

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Set Designer

Lighting Design


Booking Officer



Front of House Manager

Dialect Coach

Programme Design




Wendy Mildren

Alex Ling

Janet Jauncey

Emma Bargery

Ashleigh Rathjen

Loretta Pascale

Shelley Squires

Tyler-Brooke Newman

Pam Garrick

Sean Flierl

Tyler-Brooke Newman

Karlie Squires

Chloe Martin

Shania Williams

Terry Crowe

Cherylene O'Brien

Liska Styles

Sharni Styles

Linda Edwards

Cherylene O'Brien

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

David Cuppleditch

Steven Cook

Andrew Deguet

Alex Ling

Kira O'Brien

Shaun Taylor

Shelly Squires

Stephen Lee, Peter Jackson

Cherylene O'Brien

Linda Edwards

Maggie Smith

Julie Brockman

Shelia McEvoy

Linda Edwards



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