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                                                           THE DEVIL'S ACRE  (2017)
                              Joint Production Noarlunga Theatre Company and Upstage Theatre Company
                                                                          Written By John Martin
                                                                         Directed By John Martin

Years after the Ripper murders, another set of terrible killings take place on the streets of London to once again bring our famous detective duo out from their flat at 221b Baker Street to solve "Who Dun it".

This time the murders are of the kind that Sherlock and Watson have never seen before.

"Edward Hyde" is prowling the streets of Westminister, Sherlock believes that the reputable Doctor Jekyll is involved, but what is the connection? And how to prove it!
And who is the mysterious Dr Diana Windsor, and what is her involvement with these heinous crimes?
That is the dilemma that faces our illustrious sleuths.
So travel back in time to Victorian London, where a Typhoid outbreak was occurring of Murder, Prostitution and Robbery was commonplace. Life was cheap and the women were cheaper.
The police's resources were stretched to the limit and the peelers were at a loss to where to turn next, with no clues of who the killer was, or where he would strike next!
But with the possibility of another "Reign of Terror". It's time once again to call on Sherlock Holmes to slove 
"The Murders of the Devil's Acre".
Now the Games Afoot! So light up your pipe, put on your Deerstalkers Hat and join our dynamic duo in the world premiere of 'The Devil's Acre - A Sherlock Holmes/Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Murder Mystery". With Musical interludes and original songs, this new Sherlock Holmes thriller is bound to entice your creative detective juices and bring you to the only conclusion.
That is when the eliminate the impossible whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth -


John Martin

Paul Trueack

Paul McLean

Rachel Blundey

Deirdre Quinn

Sue Cherry

Shelley Pontiac

Sue Oldknow

Brady Gambling

Sue Oldknow

Brady Gambling

Sue Oldknow

Brady Gambling

John Martin

David D'Angelo

Mon Cochrane

Brady Gambling

Samara Jaensch

Violet Rowe

Caetlyn & Paul McLean

David D'Angelo & Paul McLean

Violet Rowe

Brady Gambling

Ray Gambling

John Martin



Sherlock Homes

Dr John Watson

Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde

Diana Windsor

Mrs Hudson




Constable O'Reilly


Drunk Sailor




Director / Playwriter

Musical Director

Lighting Technician

Assistant Director

Stage Manager


Sound Effects



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