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                                             SECONDARY CAUSE OF DEATH (2007)
                                                 Sequel to "Murder To Death"
                                                                        Written By Peter Gordon
                                                                       Directed By Maggie Smith
It is now 1939 and war clouds are gathering over Europe.
Colonel Charles Craddock, having inherited Bagshot House (from his late lover Mildred) has converted it in to an hotel for "discerning visitors".
Colonel Craddock is in a for a grim time, with a mixture of very strange visitors. Who is this strange Polish Count?
Is Henrietta really an army captain? and whoever might the flamboyant thespian - Cardew Longfellow be?
Miss Cynthia Maple (sister of the famous sleuth Joan Maple) arrives to stage a 'Murder Mystery Weekend".
Enter the invincible Inspector Pratt! - so begins the chaos - with bodies piling higher and higher.



Deirdre Quinn

Wade Shiell

John Martin

Sue Cherry

Janet Jauncey

John Martin

Narelle Jones

Pat Vice

Alisha Thompson

Terry Crowe

Maggie Smith

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Dean Vice

Peter Jackson

David Boyles

Linda Edwards & Cast

Janet Jauncey

Shaun Taylor

Paul Tossell

Chris Farmer

John Mancini

Jazz Mancini

Stephen Lee



Lady Isadora Pollock

Count Puchlik

Colonel Charles Craddock

Captain Henrietta Woolmer - Cardington

Cynthia Maple

Cardew Longfellow

Martha Armstrong

Lily Tithill

Nurse Parsley

Inspector Pratt



Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Set Designer / Construction


Lighting Designer

Lighting Operator


Booking Officer

Front of House Manager


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