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Competitive Tenderness opened to excellent reviews!

Competitive Tenderness opened last weekend, and two reviews have been published, both very positive about the play and the cast.

There's only one weekend left, so get your tickets now!

The reviews are linked in the headings, but they say in part:

It's an excellent choice for a local theatre company requiring some experienced performers for the main roles and newcomers in support. Director Harry Dewar is remarkably fortunate in his casting...

The opening night audience had a great time, with lots of laughs

“Competitive Tenderness” is all about the farcical machinations in the Municipality of the City of Greater Burke. In this frenetic production Director Harry Dewar manages to wrangle his large cast in and around the small Arts Centre stage at Port Noarlunga...

Whilst it is high farce indeed it targets the darker side of human nature; relentless ambition, envy, corruption and betrayal to name but a few! In other words it is a classic study of politics!

A delightfully devious comedy. Competitive Tenderness is a riot of a production currently being performed by the energetic Noarlunga Theatre Company at the Arts Centre in Port Noarlunga. The play is by Melbourne playwright Hannie Rayson and is ably directed by Harry Dewar. The stage is set in the municipal offices of Greater Burke where it seems the previous CEO has died and inconveniently left a huge hole in the budget to the tune of five million dollars. A new CEO is sought and in walks, the irrepressible but conniving Dawn Snow played with great verve by Dawn Ross in a very snazzy red jumpsuit.

There's only one weekend left, so get your tickets now!

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