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                                                       PARDON ME, PRIME MINISTER  (2012)

                                                                Written By Edward Taylor & John Graham
                                         Presented By Noarlunga Theatre Company Inc & Black Crowe
                                                                              Directed By Terry Crowe

The Prime Minister and Chancellor are preparing a puritanical budget taxing amusements such as bingo, gambling, and night-clubs out of existence. On the afternoon before it's presentation, however, each in turn appears to be the father of the pretty Shirley, the result of a post-party conference night many years ago.
In an even less expected family bombshell, it transpires that the Prime Minister's deferential Parliamentary Private Secretary , Campbell, is in fact his son.










Geoff Hastwell

Sean Flieri

Terry Crowe

Poppy Sutton

Phoebe Shaw

Monica Patterson

Linda Edwards

Cherylene O'Brien

Arnold Pannunzio

Terry Crowe

Janet Jauncey

Stephen Lee

Janet Jauncey

Joy Whellum

Samara Jaensch

David Cuppleditch

Janet Jauncey

Janet Jauncey, David Cuppleditch

Janet Jauncey

Shaun Taylor

Karen Payne

Stephen Lee, Peter Jackson

Cast, Black Crowe Productions

Peter Jackson

Allan Whellum, Samara Jaensch, Ken Caliss,

David Cuppleditch

Linda Edwards

Terry Crowe






The RT Hon. George Venables  M.P

Rodney Campbell (PM'S Secretary)

The R.T Hon. Hector Cramond M.P

Miss Frobisher (Secretary)

Jane Rotherbrook (Journalist)

Shirley Springer (Stripper)

Dora Springer (Mother-old flame of PM's)

Sybil Venables (PM's Wife)

Private Investigator



Assistant Director

Production Managers

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Set Designer

Set Construction



Bookings Officer



Front of House Manager

Backstage Crew

Programme Design




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