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Our current show is...
Competitive Tenderness
by Hannie Rayson

Bookings are open!
Book via Trybooking, or
phone 0432 465 569.

Please note: Entry is from the rear of the building now.

Reviews are out and are great!

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Weekend Notes

Our current show is an Australian classic comedy by Hannie Rayson, and is directed by Harry Dewar. Rehearsals are underway and we have a great cast that is working beautifully together.

The central character of this farce is Dawn Snow, a woman with a fierce reputation – she reformed the prison system in Uganda. Now, with local government reform high on the agenda, she is called upon to perform a similar task within the City of Greater Burke, with hilarious results.

Competitive Tenderness is topical, satirical and even a little anarchic, but most of all it is very, very funny indeed. Hannie Rayson’s inspired farce takes a swipe at bureaucracy, corruption, romance and just about anything else that comes her way. It was the standout comic highlight in its year of release.


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