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                                                    IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF US (2010)
                                                                       Written By Alan Ayckbourn
                                                                        Directed By Maggie Smith

A thunderstorm in a windswept country house, a family of failures wrangles over a will: a detective who has never solved the case, a writer, an artist, and composer whose works have never been published, shown or performed, and a dysfunctional teenager. 
Here are the prime ingredients for a murder mystery, but this diversion is by Alan Aychbourn and it has number of surprises. The victim is not who it should be, the murder's identity changes overnight and the thrills are leavened with tongue and cheek humour and ironic comment.



Mortimer Clarke


Jocyline Polegate

Wendy Winford

Brinton Clarke

Amy Polegate



Assistant Director

Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager

Stage Manager

Props Co-ordinator

Set Designer

Lighting Designers


Booking Officer


Front of House Manager

Backstage Crew

Programme Design

Admin Helper

Technical Advisor



Paul Trueack

Alex Ling

Deb Kellaway

Sue Cherry

Clint Mullins

Bianca Smith

Maggie Smith

Shaun Taylor

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Joy Whellum

David Cuppleditch

Janet Jauncey

Kira O'Brien

Andrew Deguet

Linda Edwards

Shelly Squires

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Pat Jackson

Rani Baisal

David Cuppleditch

Eliza Kellaway

Linda Edwards

Cherylene O'Brien

Paul Tossell

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