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                                                               DIMBOOLA (2015)

                                                                    Written By Jack Hibbered
                                                                      Directed By Myles Leon

A country wedding reception to celebrate Morrie McAdam, a protestant and Maureen Delaney, a catholic. The two families come together for the wedding which Jack Hibbered calls "the testing of strengths for the newlyweds". The family members try to preserve social form and dignity in the face of impending disasters. And disasters there are plenty!

Two larkins, Mutton and Bayonet have uninvited themselves to the reception to cause trouble among the guests and the bridal party. Maureen the bride is a sweet young thing is happy with the proceedings, or does it? Shirl her bridesmaid, one seems to have a have a history of one night stands, even with Dangles the best man, who judges Shirl throughout the play. The Preist who officiates is Father O'shea - rather the worse for alcohol and horse racing is disliked by the Protestant side of mixed marriage. Morrie the groom, is pretty well bewildered during the event getting drunk and states "No Worries", eventually collapses into the wedding cake cake while thanking his parents.

Astrid the flower girl, parents of Mavis and Horrie McAdam, threatens to take over the proceedings by her insults and behaviour. Horrie the M.C. arrives late to the proceedings totally drunk that interacts with Lionel Driftwood and the Pile Drivers with song and dance.

A reporter Leonardo Radish arrives at the reception, thinking he is to address a meeting. WRONG. Most of the bridal party insult him with a display of vulgarity, crude language and obscene innuendo behaviour. Mayhem begins when both sides of the family exchange insults and fights, which eventually resign one way or another.

Father O'Shea has finally recovered from drink and Bayonet tries to win Aggie, Agatha with a proposal of marriage at the end of the play, leaving Mutton  to review his situation.



Nathan Brown

Justine Lewis

Grant Blackwood

Cherylene O'Brien

George Kemp

Lorelle Pfeiffer

Stephen Popowski

Wendy Williams

Sue Cherry

Mollie Mooney

Jessica McGaffin

Andrew Deguet

Geoff Hastwell

Clint Mullins

Ian Seymour-White

Roland Elme

Myles Leon

Myles Leon

Cherylene O'Brien

Kirsty Battersby

Cherylene O'Brien

Cherylene O'Brien, Manuela Steer

Myles Leon

Myles Leon

Ray Gambling

Myles Leon



Morrie McAdam

Maureen Delaney

Darcy Delaney (Darkie)

April Delaney (June)

Angus McAdam (Knocka)

Florence McAdam (Florrie)

Horace McAdam (Horrie)

Mavis McAdam

Aggie McAdam (Agatha)

Astrid McAdam

Shirl Southwell

Daryl Dunn (Dangles)

Father Patrick O'Shea



Leonardo Radish

Lionel Driftwood



Director's Assistant


Costume Co-ordinator


Poster Design

Programme Design

Front of House

Sound Operator

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