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                                                                   CAUGHT IN THE NET (2008)
                                                                     Written By Ray Cooney
                                                                                 Directed By Janet Jauncey

"Caught in The Net" is a sequel to Cooney's popular "Run for Your Wife"

London taxi driver John Smith has two wives in different parts of London and a very tight schedule. An accident disrupted his schedule, but he managed to keep his secret.

Now 18 years later, modern technology creates problems when his two teenage children meet in an Internet chat room and discover they both have fathers named John Leonard Smith who are taxi drivers.

John enlists the help of his boarder Stanley to keep his kids from meeting, leading to hilarious lies, mistaken identities and mysterious phone calls. If something can go wrong it will.



Stanley Gardner

John Smith

Mary Smith

Barbara Smith


Gavin Smith

Vicki Smith



Assistant Director

Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager



Set Designer / Construction

Lighting Designer


Booking Officer

Front of House Manager

Programme Design

Poster Design


Alex Ling

Lindsay Hinksman

Sue Cherry

Wendy Williams

Tony Bailey

Aaron Broomhead

Bianca Smith

Janet Jauncey

Linda Edwards

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Maggie Smith

Elizabeth Barber

Elizabeth Barber

Paul Tossell

David Boyles

Phil Rodda

Shaun Taylor

Peter Jackson

Pat Jackson

Terry Cowell

Paul Dickson

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