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                                                            BIRTHDAY SUITE  (2012)

                                                                      Written By Robin Hawdon
                                                              Arranged & Directed By Kym Clayton

The fast moving comedy takes place in two adjoining hotel bedrooms. Geoff Tippett tells his friend Bob, who is unhappily married, that he has arranged a special birthday treat for him. The treat is a hotel room for the night, complete with champagne, double bed, and a very attractive girl named Mimi, this however is not true.

Geoff really wants Bob to reconcile with his wife, Liz, and has, therefore told her to come to the hotel room for a quiet dinner with him. The goal is to bring husband and wife together so they can talk in a romance setting and hopefully work out their problems. Of course everything imaginable goes wrong.

Bob expects Mimi, a prostitute, but because of the mix-up, meets a shy young woman named Kate whom he believes is Mimi. Kate thinks Bob is Dick, a computer-agency date she has never seen. The real Dick is a psychiatrist who has been  shown into the wrong room so when Bob's wife, Liz, appears he thinks she is Kate.

Add a connecting door between rooms which has mistakenly been left unlocked and confusion reigns as the foursome try to sort themselves out, aided by the temperamental Italian waiter, Tony, until Bob provides a surprising solution.










Production Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Props Co-ordinator

Set Designer

Set Construction

Lighting Designer


Booking Officer



Front of House Managers

Backstage Crew

Programme Design

Poster Design


Tom Kress

Luke Budgen

Mari Nield

Terry Crowe

Emma Gordon-Smith

Kym Clayton

Stephen Lee

Samara Jaensch

Joy Whellum

Joy Whellum

Janet Jauncey

Janet Jauncey, Terry Crowe, Myles Leon

Janet Jauncey

Janet Jauncey

Clare Kelly

Stephen Lee, Peter Jackson

Clare Kelly

Peter Jackson

Clare Kelly

Allan Whellum, Sylvia Barrett, Patricia Pennington, Ken Caliss

Linda Edwards

Terry Crowe

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