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                                                          ARE YOU BEING SERVED ?   (2009)

                                                                  Written By David Croft & Jeremy Lloyd
                                                                            Directed By Linda Edwards

Double entendres are non-stop as the well-loved staff of Grace Brothers department store prepare for a sale of German goods and then depart en masse for a staff holiday at a one-star hotel in Spain. Will the tropical heat, Spanish crumpet, giant woof 'n' poofs and randy revolutionaries prove too much for our happy band? Not a bit of it! With the aid of a nun's habit, a bowler hat and Mrs Slocombe's Union Jack knickers they survive their holiday with everything intact but their modesty.



Mr Humphries

Mrs Slocombe

Miss Brahms

Mr Lucas

Mr Rumbold

Mr Peacock

Mr Grainger

Mash / Cesar

Don Bernardo / Male Customer

Conchita / Nurse

Lady Customer / Taresea



Assistant Director

Production Managers

Stage Manager


Set Designer / Construction

Lighting Designer


Front of House Managers


Booking Officer


Paul Kaesler

Maggie Smith

Debbie Kellaway

Brady Gambling

Clint Mullins

Paul Tossell

Daniel Wilkin

Jonathon Kaesler

Lindsay Hinksman

Shelly Squires

Tracey Gartland

Linda Edwards

Belinda Chipman

Pamela Garrick

Stephen Lee

David Whittlesea

Cherylene O'Brien

Kira O'Brien

Lorren Gartland

Aaron Golding

Russell Herdson

Pamela Garrick

Cherylene O'Brien

Violet Rowe

Peter & Pat Jackson

Stephen Lee

Pamela Garrick

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