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                                                             AIN'T WE GOT FUN (2006)
                                       MUSICAL / CABARET SHOW FROM THE 1920s
                                                                            Written By Sue Oldknow
                                                                            Directed By Terry Crowe
It is the 1920s and we are invited to spend the evening as customers at "Tootsie's".
It's a glittery dive, shabby but shiny, a slightly sleazy Speakeasy owned by feared gangster boss, Babyface Balconi and starring his foozy, Tootsie Trallie.
She may have a little brain and little talent but as long as she's got big......well, you know what I'm saying.
The dancing girls at "Tootsie's" have seen better days, some are feeling as worn out as their faded costumes. All of them dream of a better life and scheme to get out of the Speakeasy.
Greta wants to go to Hollywood and be a star in the Talkies, Lulu knows her only escape is to hook a rich man. All of them have a story to tell.
Set in this fascinating time in history with plenty of fabulous songs of the era "Ain't We Got Fun" is a perfect opportunity to get dressed up as a gangster or flapper and escape into the decade frantic to have a good time.



Babyface Balconi

Tootsie Trallie

Rose O'Malley

Mugsy Madison

Lulu Labelle

Georgia Brown

Harry Lowenstein

Katy Johnson

Robin Ball

Susie Simpson

Greta Pickford








Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager


Choreography for "Makin Whoopee"

Stage Manager

Set Designer / Construction


Lighting Designers

Music Sequencing

Front of House Managers

Programme Design



John Martin

Deb Kellaway

Maggie Smith

Adam Timms

Deidre Quinn

Sue Oldknow

Lindsay Hinksman

Narelle Jones

Luke Baddock

Nicole Irving

Sheila Mills

Wendy Williams

Cherylene O'Brien

Rebecca Millhouse

Julie Oldknow

Cherilee Hawkins

Alex Ling

Terry Crowe

Stephen Lee

Peter Jackson

Sue Oldknow

Cherylene O'Brien

Wendy Williams

Alisha Thompson

David Boyles


Janet Jauncey

Paul Tossell

Mark Hallam

John & Jazz Mancini

Robert Hurrell

Stephen Lee

Robert Hurell

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